Construction Defect

Construction Liability (Defect Hazards)

Liabilities arising from unsafe conditions at a construction site are common factors in most construction site accidents. While construction sites are known to be dangerous, supervisors, general contractors, equipment providers as well as employers must provide ample safety protocols in order to have a hazard-free work environment. When workers are injured at a construction site they are entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries, including loss of wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering if they can prove a third party responsibility. Injuries can involve a variety of factors such as explosions, poor safety standards, equipment malfunctions, and unsafe working conditions.

There are two major areas of construction defect liability: defect hazard and uninhabitable condition. Construction defect encompasses many different potential types of legal action, such as toxic mold, slip and fall, installation defects, shoddy workmanship and product defects. This area of litigation can apply to workers at a site and their safety conditions, or to the end user of a poorly constructed home (toxic mold, construction defects, uninhabitable condition).


For those who have been injured in a construction site accident, Worker’s Compensation limits the liability of your employer. Our firm specializes in third party claims over and above what would be available to an injured worker under restrictive Worker’s Compensation benefits typically limited to medical benefits.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer has won a record-breaking settlement in a case involving a major hotel where the death of a construction worker was caused by construction liability. To read more about this case, CLICK HERE to read about Witzer’s Dozen, twelve important cases won by Brian D. Witzer.

If you or a loved have suffered due to a construction defect and believe that you may have a case against a third party, Click HERE for a free evaluation of your case by the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer. We have the resources and expertise to help your family fight for justice.


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