Pasadena Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Misconduct for Fifth Time


Medical board and court records reviewed by The Los Angeles Times showed complaints against Dr. Patrick Sutton, a prominent Pasadena obstetrician at Huntington Hospital, dating back 20 years. Amongst the complaints, are allegations that he touched patients in a sexual manner during exams, pressed them for information about their sexual habits in graphic terms, and made inappropriate comments about a patient’s appearance and sex life. All of the cases ended in settlements and without any admission by Sutton of sexual harassment or misconduct.

In 1998, a pregnant woman alleged that Sutton pressed her for information about her sex life in an unprofessional manner. The same pregnant woman alleged that Sutton inserted two ungloved fingers inside her when she expressed concern about vaginal dryness. The medical board investigated and accused Sutton in 2002 of gross negligence and sexual misconduct for “needlessly and inappropriately sexualizing her physical examination.” He reached a settlement under which he admitted to another charge involving a different patient — failure to keep and maintain adequate and accurate records — and was placed on probation for four years. The agreement required him to have a third party chaperone exams whenever a patient was not fully clothed and to take a class on maintaining professional boundaries.

In 2005, while Sutton was still on probation, two patients filed a sexual battery and sexual harassment suit against him in Los Angeles Superior Court over his alleged conduct during office appointments. The two women alleged inappropriate touching, lewd comments and unnerving questions about their bodies and sexual habits. Sutton settled the suit out of court in 2005 for an undisclosed sum, including a confidentiality clause as part of the settlement. The complaints did not result in a medical board accusation.

According to a medical board complaint filed in 2008, a woman alleged that after a nurse left the exam room during her checkup, Sutton gave her unsolicited sex advice and instructed her to call him later if she had “a fantasy or ‘any new sexual adventure.” At the time, the woman was naked under an exam gown and Sutton was patting and rubbing her bare thigh. It is also alleged that

In a 2010 accusation, it is alleged that Sutton told a patient she “should feel free to fantasize about anything, whether you like it from behind or the front, with another woman or another man.” The medical board sought to revoke or suspend Sutton’s license. However, Sutton again reached a settlement with the medical board under which he admitted failing to maintain medical records while allegations of sexual misconduct and repeated negligent acts were dropped. He was placed on probation for three years and ordered to attend another professional boundaries course, enroll in psychotherapy, and have chaperones monitor any exams of female patients. He completed probation in 2014.

Sutton is now facing the possible loss or suspension of his medical license following an accusation made in September 2018 that he made inappropriate comments about a patient’s appearance and sex life.

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