> PCE/TCE Water Contamination or Poisoning

PCE/TCE Water Contamination or Poisoning

All American families have the right to clean, safe drinking water. But PCEs (Perchloroethylenes) and TCEs (Trichloroethylenes) are dangerous industrial solvents used in manufacturing. If these toxic chemicals leak into the air, soil or groundwater, they can lead to potentially serious health effects, such as damage to the nervous system, liver tumors, congenital heart defects in infants, and cancer. If your home, community, or land has been affected by PCEs or TCEs there are a range of lawsuits that can be filed on your behalf for personal injury, property damage, wrongful death and/or business and income loss.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to PCE/TCE contaminated water and are suffering from illnesses caused by chemical pollutants, Click HERE for a free evaluation of your case by the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer. We have the resources and expertise to help your family fight for justice.

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