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Toxic Mold

Go to toxic mold videoPotential clients who are involved in mold litigation have often lost everything—their families, their health, possessions and homes. In these cases, improper storage and treatment of building materials, negligence or construction defects can come together to make the perfect growing environment for toxic mold. Known as “mycotoxins” this class of mold is linked to causing serious illnesses such as, “allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.” ABPA causes a permanent and chronic scarring of the lungs. A series of other conditions are also associated with toxic mold such as upper and lower respiratory problems, sinus and digestive problems, dermal rashes and acne, ear infections, fatigue and even neurologic problems the hallmark of which includes problems with cognition. In some of the most serious cases where children in particular are involved, brain damage has been reported.

Gorman v. Komick: Toxic Mold Destroys a New Family

When I met the Gormans they had already spent $400k trying to figure out what had happened to their health and home. In 1999 they moved into a newly built home, and unknown to them, the lumber used in the building of the house had not been properly stored or disinfected. In 2001, the Gormans moved out when a long list of respiratory problems came to light. In tests done on their home, 80 % of the surfaces downstairs were coated with toxic mold, and mycotoxins were found on the indoor surfaces as well as in the air inside the house.

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