> Spinal Injuries and Paralysis

Spinal Injuries and Paralysis

According to a 2009 survey conducted by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, nearly 5.6 million Americans are paralyzed. Spinal cord injury is the second most prevalent cause of paralysis, with over 1.3 million people currently affected with this condition in the United States.

Many of the most common causes of spinal injuries and paralysis are from physical trauma such as:

Automobile crashes
Motorcycle crashes
Trucking accidents
• Falls/Premises accidents
• Gunshots
• Diving accidents

Those who have a spinal injury or paralysis will need constant care from medical professionals, caretakers and relatives. By bringing a suit against those who have caused serious accidents due to their negligence, family members can have the peace of mind of knowing that there can be a financial reprieve after a horrible injury.

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