Digoxin is a drug derived from foxglove plant extract used in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) and heart failure. AF is a condition characterized by the fluttering of the upper chambers of the heart. In a study published in the European Heart Journal, researchers found that patients taking digoxin for AF were significantly more likely to die than those who did not take the drug.

The study, involving 4,060 AF patients, showed a 41% increase in deaths from any cause, including a 35% increase in death from cardiovascular causes and a 61% increase in death from arrhythmia.

Helping Victims

The purpose of digoxin is to make the heart beat stronger. AF patients taking digoxin were not informed that the benefits of the drug come at the risk of death. If you have lost a loved one who took digoxin, you deserve compensation for your loss. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer are committed to seeking justice for the families of the victims of digoxin.

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