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Motorcycle Accidents

Most people have seen this chilling sight by the side of the road…a downed motorcyclist surrounded by emergency personnel. Sadly, motorcycle accidents cause thousands of deaths and injuries each year. Because motorcyclists are not protected from impacts, accidents can often be quite severe leading to an inordinately high amount of head trauma cases many of which cause permanent disability. Poor road conditions, inattentive drivers, purposefully aggressive drivers, and drunk drivers can all be factors in motorcycle accidents. In cases involving head trauma or severe disability, it is important to seek a lawyer that has handled cases involving catastrophic brain injury arising from head trauma. Here, at the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer, we have the proven experience with these cases and have won major verdicts and settlements that have helped provide care for those injured, taking the burden off their family care givers and providing for their dependents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, Click HERE for a free evaluation of your case by the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer. We have the resources and expertise to help your family fight for justice.

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