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$14 Million for Injured Athlete

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009


Mr. Langston was an accomplished athlete and air steward from New Zealand.  An alpine skier, white water rafter, avid mountain climber, and hiker, Mr. Langston was at a Radisson hotel in Manhattan Beach on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles County, California.

After falling out of a 6-story window – and surviving – the 26 year old spent 8 months recovering in the hospital, enduring over 40 blood transfusions and a brain injury incurred from the fall. Mr. Langston was offered a mere $70,000 by Radisson Hotels due to their negligence from placing him back into his hotel room and leaving him unattended.

But Mr. Witzer’s legal team saw the negligence on the part of Radisson hotels differently. And pursued a case based on the fact that the window was only 18-inches high.

Click here to watch the full video of Brian Witzer’s legal team.

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