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Hospital Abandonment

It has become a big news story in America: our citizens are facing a growing health care crisis. According to the US News and World Report, the number of people without health insurance rose in 2006 to approximately 47 million people. In the United States we fortunately have rules that must be followed when a citizen is at a hospital, even if they lack insurance. The EMTALA is a statute (The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) that governs when and how a patient may be: (1) refused treatment or (2) transferred from one hospital to another when s/he is in an unstable medical condition. EMTALA was written with the purpose of preventing hospitals from rejecting, refusing to treat, or transferring uninsured sick patients to other hospitals or even worse, “dumping” them onto sidewalks or into taxi cabs. In a hospital setting, patients without insurance should receive the same care as patients that do have insurance. Refusing service, abandoning, or transferring a patient who is suffering from a life-threatening condition can be grounds for a medical malpractice or hospital abandonment case.

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