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Birth Injury

The birth of a new child can be the most beautiful moment in a parent’s life. However, in cases of medical malpractice, a doctor or a hospital can make mistakes that quickly turn a happy occasion into a life-long nightmare. Injuries to babies occur when a hospital or doctor causes head trauma to a baby during birth. Cerebral Palsy/ Erb’s Palsy are examples of conditions that can happen during the birth process. One factor for negligence in child brain trauma and CP is when a baby is born with a brain infection, caused by a doctor’s negligent use of non-sterile forceps or other instruments. Another situation leading to birth injury is when a hospital is understaffed, and lacks the appropriate doctors and nurses to provide quality care for a newborn. Exhaustion on the part of hospital staff, and understaffed hospitals can lead to horrible, life-threatening mistakes. Sometimes a child can be born seemingly healthy, but as they grow older their symptoms begin to show. These brain traumas cannot be cured, and are a devastating financial blow to a family since children with brain trauma need daily care and special treatment for the rest of their lives. Birth trauma cases, in part due to their difficult detection, can be brought up until a child reaches the age of majority (18 in most states). Families need to be vigilant, even years after delivering, to be on the lookout for life-long injuries that are attributable to a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence.

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